Synchrosonic Combo Ultrasnd & Hi Volt Stim


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The SynchroSonic US/752 offers the benefits of therapeutic ultrasound and high volt muscle stimulation for muscle rehabilitation prevention of muscle atrophy pain management and edema reduction

* The panel design of the SynchroSonic US/752 provides simple operation of ultrasound and high volt muscle stimulation separately or in combination through the ultrasound transducer

* The practitioner can precisely manage treatment with a selectable frequency range selectable independent on/off surge duration and selectable pulse width

* The US/752 produces pulsation tetanize surge and reciprocal output

* The additional benefit of bipolar application eliminates the need for a single large dispersive electrode

* Designed to promote patient assurance the treatment stop switch allows the patient to discontinue stimulator output at the press of a button

* Soundhead Features and Options

* All Amrex ultrasound transducers are lightweight ergonomically designed and sealed for underwater therapy

* Amrex offers two soundhead faceplate sizes: The standard 2.25 diameter faceplate or the optional small 1.5 diameter faceplate

* The QuickConnect Transducer Cable System is optional with the standard soundhead

*It is provided with the small soundhead or the dual standard/small soundhead on all Amrex ultrasound equipment

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